Antique Imperial Russian

Russian Imperial Antique Bergamasco CDV Photo Tsar Nicholas II Romanov Dagmar

Russian Imperial Antique Bergamasco CDV Photo Tsar Nicholas II Romanov Dagmar
Russian Imperial Antique Bergamasco CDV Photo Tsar Nicholas II Romanov Dagmar

Russian Imperial Antique Bergamasco CDV Photo Tsar Nicholas II Romanov Dagmar

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Bibelot is a late nineteenth century word derived from the French word bel beautiful, meaning a small item of beauty, curiosity or interest. The word ephemera is derived from the sixteenth century Greek word ephmera meaning a printed or hand written paper not meant to be retained for a long period of time. He was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917. His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse.

Russia suffered a decisive defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, which saw the annihilation of the Russian Baltic Fleet at the Battle of Tsushima, loss of Russian influence over Manchuria and Korea, and the Japanese annexation of South Sakhalin. The Anglo-Russian Entente, designed to counter German attempts to gain influence in the Middle East, ended the Great Game between Russia and the United Kingdom. Nicholas approved the Russian mobilization on 31 July 1914, which led to Germany declaring war on Russia on the following day. It is estimated that around 3.3 million Russians were killed in World War I. The Imperial Army's severe losses and the High Command's incompetent management of the war efforts, along with the lack of food and other supplies on the Home Front, were the leading causes of the fall of the Romanov dynasty.

Following the February Revolution of 1917, Nicholas abdicated on behalf of himself and his son, and he and his family were imprisoned. In the spring of 1918, Nicholas was handed over to the local Ural Soviet; with the approval of Lenin, Nicholas and his family were eventually murdered by the Bolsheviks on the night of 16-17 July 1918. The recovered remains of the Imperial Family were finally re-interred in St. In 1981, Nicholas, his wife and their children were canonized as martyrs by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, located in New York City. On 15 August 2000 Nicholas and his family were canonized as passion bearers, a title commemorating believers who face death in a Christ-like manner, by the Russian Orthodox Church within Russia.

Dagmar was the second daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark and Louise of Hesse-Cassel and sister of Britain's Queen Alexandra, and King George I of Greece. Among her children was the last Russian monarch, Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, whom she outlived by ten years. Princess Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar was born at the Yellow Palace in Copenhagen. Her father was Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, a member of a relatively impoverished princely cadet line. Her mother was Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel.

Tsar Alexander II of Russia searched for a bride for the heir apparent, Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich of Russia, in countries other than the German states that had traditionally provided consorts for the tsars. In 1864, Nicholas, or "Nixa" as he was known in his family, went to Denmark where he was betrothed to Dagmar. On 22 April 1865 he died from meningitis. His last wish was that Dagmar would marry his younger brother, the future Alexander III. On 1 November 1894, Alexander III died aged just forty-nine at Livadia and Tsar Nicholas II became Emperor of Russia. After the revolution of 1917 she fled the Crimea on board HMS Marlborough with many other refugees. She settled in a villa she had bought with her sister Hvidore in Copenhagen.

On 13 October 1928 at Hvidøre near Copenhagen, in a house she had once shared with her sister Queen Alexandra, Maria died at the age of 80, having outlived four of her six children. Following services in Copenhagen's Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Church, the Empress was interred at Roskilde Cathedral. Petersburg in accordance with her wish to be interred next to her husband. A number of ceremonies took place from 23 to 28 September 2006. Size of Photo: 10.5 x 6.5 cm approx.

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Russian Imperial Antique Bergamasco CDV Photo Tsar Nicholas II Romanov Dagmar